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Our Story

When the year 2020 was turning out to be a difficult year for businesses with nationwide lockdown, our founder, Vijayant Khanduri sipped some coffee and said, “Let’s think out of the box!”. Emerging from the COVID-19 debacle, PlumM is a Digital Marketing experts hub that prospered through the pandemic. Working virtually since inception, we began our digital journey with a young, passionate, and enthusiastic team and were able to build strong and foster commendable growth in a short span of a year.

PlumM was brewed with the idea of transforming challenges into opportunities. We inspire and transform marketing strategies of businesses, increase online visibility, and adopt a more humanized approach to nurture empathetic consumer relationships.

We are the one-stop solution for online services, offering a far-reaching and influential portfolio of performance-driven digital marketing solutions, that maximize engagement and strengthen brand relatability. Since our self-effacing start in 2020, we have outperformed our expectations owing to our pursuit of seeking quality and constantly evolving methodologies to stay abreast of changing technologies and clients’ expectations. An India-based company, PlumM offers top-notch offshore and on-site services to businesses across diversified sectors.

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